West Seattle Blog… | WEST SEATTLE SNOW? Here are the newest predictions

West Seattle Blog… | WEST SEATTLE SNOW? Here are the newest predictions

(Seasonally dressed gargoyles on the 36th SW – Photo by Paul Winters)

All eyes are on the prediction, wondering if we could really see serious snow by Valentine’s Day. The afternoon always brings a new round of predictions, and here is what they are predicting now. The National weather serviceIn his most recent “forecast discussion” it says:

The models are starting to move closer to the next weather system due to arrive on Thursday, with the surface likely to land near the Columbia Estuary by late Thursday evening. This is the “sweet spot” for a surface that moves on land in relation to snow. With lots of cold air and initially low dew points, heavy snowfall seems like a good choice … especially for areas south and west of Seattle. Between Thursday noon and Friday noon, 3 to 8 inches of snow from Pierce County to the south and above through the Hood Canal seems likely with lighter amounts elsewhere.

On Friday afternoon there can be a certain “lull” in the snowfall before another system arrives on late Friday evening and Saturday. And this could be pretty significant in snowfall.

One of the most famous independent weather analysts in our region, Cliff Massis a little less reserved. Its latest update says, among other things, that a model is suggesting that Seattle COULD see a foot and a half of snow by late Monday. But he too emphasizes that the outlook could change. So don’t panic just yet. Refresh your memory on how to deal with weather-related problems – SDOT has transportation-related information first and City Light tips on breakdowns. And commentator Suzanne has advice on preparing your plants.