West Seattle Blog… | WEST SEATTLE WINDSTORM: Big power outages, downed trees and wires

West Seattle Blog… | WEST SEATTLE WINDSTORM: Big power outages, downed trees and wires

11:58 pm: The wind has picked up a lot recently and now we’re getting the first power outage reports. So far we hear from the northern part of the peninsula – Alki, north of The Junction, North Delridge, Fairmount … 4,391 houses / shops per Seattle City Light Map.

12:09 pm: Also an outage of more than 4,000 customers in the south, including White Center. … A tree is reported on both lanes of Marine View Drive near SW 104. … Wires are reported in an alley behind the 3800 block of the 45th SW. …. We haven’t heard such a strong wind in a long time. According to City Light, there are currently more than 49,000 customers in his area.

12:34 am: In the south of us, the map shows two major failures with more than 10,000 customers [updated map above]. Across SCL’s service area, more than 62,000 are now affected by 115 separate outages. The NWS says on Twitter: “The worst winds will be for the next few hours and then gradually decrease.”

12:47 am: This is of concern to both firefighters and SCL crews – they respond to further reports of fallen trees and / or wires. Currently active calls are the 2600 block of the 49th SW and the 1700 block of the Austin SW. NWS reminder: “You may want to venture outside to look for wind damage. We don’t recommend it though as the wind is still gusty and will be for the next hour or two. “It’s not just that this wind is strong enough to cut trees, but that recent rains have destabilized some of them at first. … 7900 Block 28th SW, firefighters are in another house where a tree has fallen …

1:22 am: In the 49th SW block mentioned above, fire fighters report several endangered electricity pylons. The wind is still howling. … Some encouraging news from NWS: “The worst wind has passed – but it will still be gusty on the order of 30-45 mph for the next few hours.” Also on Twitter, KT says the wind blew out of her panorama window – the glass fell outwards, not inwards:

Problems on the east side of the Duwamish River … According to the radio switch, pole / wire problems are closing the East Marginal at Ellis and 4th Ave. Bridge is closed. … From the above 49th SW problem area, Margo Comments below: “We have a whole massive tree that fell on our house in the back yard. Lots of external structural damage to the house and deck, but luckily it didn’t invade the house itself. “

1:43 am: Now an account of a tree on a house with rundown wires near 32nd and 106th places; SFD and SPD are on the move … Also in SW West Seattle – by email, Brandon reports a mudslide blocking Seola Beach Drive. … Here is a list of the highest gusts tonight. Seattle had several ~ 50 mph reports.