Your Seattle Restaurant Questions Answered: The Best Carrot Cake, Tamales and Lebanese Food

Your Seattle Restaurant Questions Answered: The Best Carrot Cake, Tamales and Lebanese Food

What five places should we visit that haven’t been talked about this year?
That’s a good question. I have a long list of places I love that I think are constantly flying under the radar, but if we just want to focus on places that opened this year that I think aren’t enough Got hype, I would say Ada’s discovery café, daddy’s hot potatoes, central smoke, lots of clouds and Miri’s snack bar.

Where can I find the best carrot cake in Seattle?
I’m such a sucker for a good carrot cake, and I love the slices that are available at both Nouveau Bakery and Coyle’s Bakeshop. Macrina’s is very good too and they use a bit of orange peel in their cream cheese frosting which works very well in my opinion.

Where can I find Taiyaki Soft Serve?
So there is a food truck called BeanFish that makes taiyaki. These are those hand-held Japanese fish-shaped cakes for those of you who didn’t know. But the only place on-site they get filled with soft serve – which is a big trend in other cities – is a popup called Matcha Man. As far as I know, he didn’t book his next popup, but is following his Instagram account for details.

Best tamales
Last year a tamale shop called Los Hernandez took home a James Beard Award about two and a half hours southeast of here … and I know it’s a long way, but their tamales are worth it. There are a few mobile tamale vendors in town, and I just found out about a place called Frelard Tamales which, confusingly, has a storefront on Green Lake. Take a look at these and get back to us.

Best Lebanese Food in Seattle
Cafe Munir in Ballard, hands down, and you absolutely have to go on a Sunday when they are preparing this incredibly affordable dinner at the chef’s choice.

What about late night slice of pizza?
Big Mario’s is an obvious choice as it is in all parts of the city where people hang out until the wee hours of the morning, but I also love the slices of Supreme Pizza in West Seattle.

Best juice bars in Seattle?
There are so many now, but ultimately I love Juicebox on Capitol Hill. The juice combinations there feel really on purpose and the food is good too.

Best Seattle Food Favors?
Every time I travel to a friend’s house, I bring him a pound of Caffe Vita Theo blend, which is always very popular. Sweets like chukar cherries or jonboy caramels are also great. I would also go to the Made in Washington store on Pike Place Market, which has an array of local edible gift ideas.

What’s the best sushi place in downtown Seattle?
Definitely Sushi Kashiba at Pike Place Market, and you can make reservations for the dining room but not the sushi bar. Unfortunately, there aren’t many great lunch sushi options downtown … I like the South Lake Union Kai Market for a take away option, and Sushi Kudasai will, if necessary.

What’s a chic, yet casual Mexican place to celebrate my birthday?
I would recommend either Chavez or Gracia for more upscale Mexican food than maybe your neighborhood taqueria. Both have great drinks too, which is very important for a celebration. Happy Birthday!